Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to Work!

January was the month I slowly regained some level of fitness, though fortunately I didn't lose it all through the recovery from foot surgery. I am still not up to speed, but I am thankful I was able to get back to strength training as early as I did.
I started the month with a 15-minute weight session (upper body only, of course), and built up gradually from there so that my most recent session--Jan. 30--took 45 minutes. Each week I add a new move, both upper and lower body. I also added yoga in the form of a weekly class, which began Jan. 26, and started swimming on Jan. 24. Yesterday, Jan. 31, I swam 700 meters.
It feels terrific to be able to move reasonably well in the water. Once I can run again, I know that will be more difficult, as it requires more pounding on the body. When you swim you glide; ahhh.
Today is my first physical therapy session. The podiatrist knows how eager I am to get running and biking again, and he has set me up with the Syracuse University men's basketball team's PT. For that I am ever grateful.
My original goal was to be able to run on my birthday--April 11. But now I'm thinking March 1 is reasonable.
Until then, I will keep lifting, stretching and swimming, and eating better. Here are my totals for the month:

Monthly totals:
Swim: 2624.67 Yd - 49m 19s
Strength: 8h 15m
Sports (yoga, etc.): 2h 01m

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