Friday, April 30, 2010

My World and Welcome to It

I write and edit for a living, so it makes sense to me to finally delve into the world of blogging. It seems a bit arrogant on my part to think that anyone else would want to read my rantings and ravings, but a great many people I know post a blog, so why not?
In a sense, my life is pretty average--married, live in the suburbs, five step-kids (three at home), two kids of my own, work, house, dog, blah, blah, blah. But it's the momentous we discover in the mundane that keeps life interesting. And when your children range in age from 21 to 6, there's always something worth writing about that they have either said or done. These day-to-day moments tend to be fleeting, so to keep the memories alive, why not post them somewhere. Everyone can relate to the crazy things kids say and do, even though many of what each child says is does can be quite original. I hope to post some of the funnier, more interesting, items here.
I have several passions in my life, but one of the greatest is personal fitness. I don't just work out; I train. I always have a race on the horizon--running or triathlon and my newest discovery, duathlons. My husband mentioned to his dentist this craze of mine, and the dentist spoke quite true words: to do that every day, you really have to love it.
I have been injured (though not as severely as many), and those injuries have slowed me down, but they have never stopped me. Even with a cast on my left leg in late 2007, I still lifted weights for my upper body and did a lot of ab/core work. I will write about my triumphs and struggles here as well.
There is much more to me than family and working out, and I'll get to them eventually. Meanwhile, welcome to my blog; feel free to comment.