Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yoga Bear

Took my first yoga class last night in years--I usually practice at home with a DVD, but Living Social had a great deal at a local studio. I couldn't resist 10 classes for $30; $3 a class, are you kidding?
When my daughter was 10 or so, we signed up for yoga and enjoyed many weeks of relaxation. Part of my goal with her was teaching her how to calm herself when she felt stressed. She has always been hard on herself, and expects much from herself, and tends to panic in the face of a lot of homework--she's still like that in some ways (gee, where did she get those traits from? I can't imagine!). But I remember reminding her about her "yoga breath" as a way to calm herself down. Wonder if she remembers that?
It is beginner kripalu, which felt sort of basic. I know all the poses, but the continuing lack of flexibility in my foot means I can't hold them very long or very well. So it was a good choice.
And it was 75 minutes of pure bliss--forced calm breathing, the aroma of incense, relaxing music. Ahhhhh.
About midway through the class I said to the guy next to me, "I love yoga; it's so simple." He laughed: "Simple?" I think he misconstrued my meaning. Yoga is simple, in that it is not complex, but in no way is it easy!!!
I look forward to next Wednesday's class, a day after physical therapy, when my foot should be even less swollen and more pliable.


  1. I miss Yoga...I think when I was doing Yoga and working out 6 days a week was when I was in the best shape ever.

  2. I do remember that, vaguely... I love yoga. I don't do it enough!