Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Move Already!

I am not a big gadget person, nor am I too familiar with all the options available with our Verizon FIOS service. However, in looking for a movie to watch last night with the On Demand feature, I discovered a whole bunch of free workouts on Exercise TV. And that leads me to the point of this blog.
With so much fitness information and so many resources available, there is really no excuse for those healthy enough for exercise to do just that, at very little cost. You don't need the gym (though some snowy mornings I do miss the elliptical trainers). And this is in no way a criticism of the gym--if it's what gets you motivated to get some exercise, then great. Frankly, it just got too costly for us to maintain a membership. I was using the gym for twice a week strength training, core using a stability ball and balance work on the Bosu. In winter it was nice to have that cardio equipment a short drive away. But once we canceled the membership, there was no looking back.
My husband found a stability ball at Target for $10, and we bought a Bosu online for $50. I have accumulated all manner of strength-training equipment--plate weights, dumbbells, a barbell, two kettlebells, ankle weights--over my 25 years of working out. So there really was no reason to keep paying the gym.
And when it comes to swimming for triathlon training, I urge everyone to seek out free or low-cost options: they are out there! My pool of choice, which I will not name for fear it'll no longer be a best-kept secret, costs nothing and offers plenty of adult and open swim times Monday through Saturday.
So, what's my point? It's that you can find low- or no-cost exercise options just about anywhere. Add library DVDs, magazines and books for all sorts of workouts, and you really have no excuse.

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