Saturday, January 22, 2011


I find when I feel like I have nothing to say, there actually is a lot to write about. So, some general observations for the week.
1. The podiatrist pulled the pin out of my second toe on Tuesday, with tool-box type pliers stored in a sanitized bag, like dental implements.
2. We just had a debate about the spelling of "pliers." Depends on the dictionary, apparently.
3. On Wednesday, I did yoga for the first time in 6 weeks, hoping it would help with pliability (ha ha) in my foot; it worked! So now I am looking forward to joining a weekly yoga class on Wednesdays.
4. Never underestimate the joy of inserting a damp, warm washcloth between your toes, and moving it back and forth.
5. The school districts were stupid on Friday, closing early and canceling activities based on a snow-warning forecast that never materialized.
6. My hat's off to the hardy souls brave enough to run the Chilly Chili 5K tomorrow in Cazenovia; chilly, indeed! I will be there in spirit.
7. Sometimes you and your spouse really need to get away, even if for overnight, to recharge your relationship.
8. Winters are made more tolerable by in-season, juicy citrus fruits.
9. I really love pizza.
10. Going swimming this Monday for the first time in 6 weeks is going to feel like reconnecting with an old friend.

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