Thursday, November 3, 2011

Progress Edition

After my right foot surgery of last December, I wrote down nothing, which means I remember very little. Not to detail every gory moment here, but I want to let folks who may be contemplating the same surgery--bunionectomy--to stop thinking about it, stop being scared about it, and get it done! A few months of no activity traded for years of no pain while running--it's a bargain I have been willing to make, twice.
It's been exactly two weeks. By day 10 I was off the Percocet. I was a bit shocked that the doctor prescribed 50--in fact, that scared me a little because last year I think (remember, I didn't write it down), he gave me a mere 30, and I used them all. Anyway, the intense pain subsided after 30 hours, just like last time, but occasional twinges made it difficult to sleep.
I returned to work Monday, Oct. 31, and came home exhausted but it was so much better than sitting around the house.
Everyone knows I'm an active person, at least when I'm not on crutches. It's been tough, though I will admit to doing upper body work every other day the last few weeks. I don't want that core going soft!
On Tuesday, day 12, the doc removed the stitches, and I was able to wash my foot--such a mundane pleasure! It's tough bathing and not getting an entire limb wet. He put me in a Herman Munster boot--heavy metal base, six strips of Velcro--and though he called it walking boot he doesn't want me walking for two more weeks. At least it comes off so I can sleep relatively comfortably. And he wants me wiggling my toes--especially the big toe which bore the brunt of the surgery. It's quite stiff and looks to me like an overcooked knockwurst.
I see him again in three weeks for X-rays and an assessment of how well the bones have healed. Maybe I can swim the Friday after Thanksgiving??? We'll see.
I have already signed up for a 70.3 half ironman in August and am hopeful I can race the Bluegrass Ramble, a half marathon in Madrid, NY, in late June.


  1. WoW!! I am contemplating doing this as well. Mine arent bad yet and arent painful. Podiatrist says wait..hmmmm

  2. Kristin,
    For years there were there, and they never bothered me. The last two years, they started flaring up and causing great pain. I waited as long as I could. It's never fun sitting around, but having these fixed means I can truly race again, not just enter for fun.