Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Am I Doin'?

For most folks, assessing their goals for the year just passed takes place at the end of that year; that way, the slate is wiped clean for Jan. 1. Since my training year has essentially ended, I thought this would be the perfect time to see how I did.
I laid out 10 goals at the beginning of 2011, and I met 7 of them. Not too bad, but room for improvement looms as large as an Olympic-sized pool.
I celebrate these successes: Curtail drinking. Wine is my friend; wine is my enemy. I really like a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. I wanted to use my Oct. 20 surgery as a turning point. How could I possibly boast of improved nutrition, when fermented grape juice was part of the equation? I stopped drinking liquor in college and hardly touch beer (unless it's a really hot summer day), so it makes sense that wine was next. This is a struggle I know will continue, my father's alcoholic tendencies partially to blame.
Speaking of nutrition, I improved there, adding more protein to my diet. A problem I continue to have, though, is swallowing a huge vitamin every day. Not only do I taste it for hours, but I wonder if I really need to take it, based on reports I hear and read. I did better with Vitamin D, especially important to a petite white woman with a diagnosis of osteopenia. I enjoyed competing in different races/different places, something I hope to continue. Yoga: Once a week; no problem there! Strength training: twice a week; ditto! Lose 5-10 pounds: I lost 6 of the pounds that piled on during my last surgery recuperation, so I consider that a success.
Now for where I still need to improve:
Run another marathon. That just wasn't going to happen in 2011, much as I wanted it to, and honestly I'll have to think long and hard if the effort and wear and tear on my body will be worth trying in 2012. A corollary to that is to run 35 miles a week. My thought was to compromise between a pedestrian 25 miles and ridiculous 50 miles (necessary to train for a marathon). Again, a possible goal for 2012. Swim 4 times a week; I got up to 3. Time is the enemy of the triathlete who works full-time, raises a family and wants to sleep 8 hours a night.
As for the last, the portion of my training that receives the most neglect: rest/recover. I had hoped to do nothing every 10 days but I found myself sneaking in an easy swim or light weight workout on that vital day. I really, really need to improve there.
So there you have it. Soon I will write about 10 goals for 2012. But first, a nap.

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