Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, Sunny Day

Today is a beautiful and sunny day, with still some early-spring chill in the air. It's only 40 degrees or so, but the sunshine goes a long way toward lifting the mood.
Today was also the third training run in the Mountain Goat Race series of trainers. It's been terrific watching 700 or so runners invade downtown Syracuse at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday to practice running up some of the toughest race hills to be found anywhere.
The Museum of Science and Technology graciously hosts all of us runners, and two Syracuse police officers help control traffic. A shout-out to them especially.
Today was also the longest run I've attempted since probably before Thanksgiving. About mile 5 I started to conk out, but I kept at it for the full 7 (ongoing congestion issues didn't make things any easier).
Then it was breakfast with my husband at one of our favorite diners before returning home to all the usual Saturday stuff--laundry, cleaning, etc., etc. Still, Saturday is by far my favorite day of the week.
I am also nearing the end of my 10-week session of yoga classes. I will continue to practice, as they say, at home, especially since I'll be 50 in nine days. Flexibility is fleeting, but it's also vital to my continued performance as an endurance athlete.
Anyway, now that it is April 2, time to post the training numbers for March.

Bike: 2h 07m 27s - 27.72 Mi
Run: 11h 19m 36s - 71.05 Mi
Swim: 3h 01m 51s - 11646.98 Yd
Strength: 9h 39m
Kettlebell: 45m
Stability Ball: 55m
Yoga: 5h 34m

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  1. Great job Molly! I didn't see you with all those people!