Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

Nothing can stop you deader in your training tracks than an illness. Now, I'm not talking major sickness here (thank goodness), but just that pesky cold or sinus infection that makes it difficult to breathe.
I have never figured out how to be sick graciously, that is, without whining, and I doubt I'm going to start now. I was feeling really good about my training--although I've biked only twice because of lingering cold and snow--and was gearing up to run the 7-mile Mountain Goat training run this Saturday (I still could do that, just not well). But swimming is out of the question. I'm really struggling to breathe and plunging myself underwater for 20-30 minutes just won't cut it.
Speaking of swimming, that was coming along, well, swimmingly. I have gotten up to three times a week (sometimes four), with the Friday swim alternating with a 2000M for endurance and a speed workout. I have been getting to the pool every Monday at 3 (which works out well with work obligations), but that didn't happen yesterday.
I had been toying with running the Hall of Fame half-marathon, May 22 in Utica, but not really running this week might just make that out of the question (boo-hoo).
So how do I cope when I'm sick?
The answer is not very well.
Yesterday I went to the Sudafed website, where you can indicate your symptoms and they'll suggest the variation of their product that will attack those symptoms. That was fine until I went to the drugstore nearest my office and they didn't have that version. So I bought the store brand, which provided me some relief.
I cannot take an antihistamine since I am one of those very few who get the frantic side-effect. It makes my heart race and I can't sleep. Not good.
I'm hopeful this is a cold, and that I'll start feeling better tomorrow, which would be day 7 of feeling poorly. If I don't feel better by Friday, I'll call my doctor, though I'm not a fan of antibiotics.
All I can do, restlessly and with very little patience, is wait it out.

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