Monday, April 30, 2012

Trail Tales, Part 2

I am happy to report that I successfully navigated the trails above Green Lakes State Park on Sunday, April 29. Last week I wrote about getting off track, so I decided to tackle the trails in reverse (no sense returning to where I had goofed up in the first place).
Well, except for one spot where I turned left instead of right (and fortuitously ran into Green Lakes Endurance Runs director Todd Baum, who pointed out the proper way), I did it!
The goal here is to discover how I really feel about possibly running an ultramarathon on a trail, Green Lakes, perhaps. I know how my body feels after just one loop on that course; either I choose to build up to four loops (for a 50K ultra distance), or I don't. This is one reason I'm giving myself so long to work toward this--any ultra will come in 2013, though I have two smaller trail runs in mind for 2012.
Meanwhile, I am starting to get the jitters about my half-ironman, Aug. 19. Par for the course, I suppose. Last week, on a whim, I attempted to swim 3000 meters; that's not the HIM distance--2000M is--but I had the time, so what the heck. I was able to do that, while resting only a few times.
It's hill work I need, especially on my bike. And my biking will be made easier when my husband installs my new clipless pedals, and I get my new biking shoes delivered. I can't wait! For the past three years, I have biked wearing running shoes and with standard bike pedals. How? I have no idea; when you don't have a huge disposable income, you purchase what you need when you can.

I am biking in the same shoes I ran in. Not the most effective way to compete.
So look out! I'm hoping the new gear shows up in time for me to practice for and compete in Du the Lakes, May 12.
Meanwhile, I have a little running race coming up May 6, known as the Mountain Goat. "Little," as in 10 miles up and down the city's hills. Bring it on!

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